Retro Caravan Club Easter Rally at Banham Zoo, 29th March to 2nd April

Having ‘volunteered’ to become area reps for the RCC back at RetroFest last August, we were finally ready to host our first rally over the Easter Weekend. As the weekend approached we became a little obsessed with the weather forecast, which wasn’t looking good! Thankfully the early prediction of sleet proved wrong, but the rain wasn’t so easily dismissed. Thursday dawned with some sunshine, and we set off to Banham just after lunch faintly optimistic that we might be lucky. As we checked in we were warned that the ground was very wet, and to try to avoid driving on it, a message that we passed on to others in our group. We were joined on the Thursday night by 4 other ‘vans, then 4 more on Friday. Unfortunately, our hopes for the weather were dashed as the rain was pretty relentless all weekend, with the ground getting steadily soggier and boggier. In true RCC form, though, we didn’t let this dampen our spirits as we got on with the planned activities and socialising. On Friday, all attending members gathered for Fish and Chips at the Trawlers Catch, followed by a pint or two at The Barrel.

Possible highlight of the weekend was the cider tasting.

On Saturday 12 of us walked to Burnard’s Cidery where we were given 5 different ciders to taste, and a light lunch of sausages, bread and cheese to soak it up. This proved to be a very successful trip, especially as everyone was given a specially labelled bottle to fill with their favourite cider. With the bottles and the barrel of scrumpy to take back to the campsite, everyone was more than happy! Saturday evening saw the traditional quiz, but as the gazebo was looking more and more swamp-like, it wasn’t long before we all withdrew to the shelter of our caravans. As the ground became muddier, so too did our clothes, boots and the insides of our caravans. As the forecast for Sunday was for relatively dry weather, whilst Monday was set for yet more rain, some of the rallyers decided to leave a day early, staying just to enter the Egg Decorating competition and have a piece of cake. This proved to be a good idea as it poured all night. The campsite tractor was kept busy towing ‘vans out of the mud, but this was where our caravans had an advantage over the massive modern ones, as most of ours could be lifted and pushed by hand. Everyone else left on Monday, in yet more rain, but despite the weather the general consensus was that it had been an enjoyable and successful first rally for us.

Georges Jacques Lyon
Georges Jacques Lyon
Rambler and Pearle
Rambler and Pearle
Two Cheltenhams and the Viking

TSSC Duxford, 10th September 2017

Thankfully the early morning mist had cleared by the time we got to Thetford for the start of a three car convoy to   Duxford. Christina had declined this trip in favour of her father Frank. With her lads Nick and James it was going to be a ‘boys’ day.

A nice drive down in the sun changed when we got to Duxford as the clouds came over and the wind blew up. First stop was the tea tent, run in a donation system, then booking in for a valuation, the outcome of which was a very pleasant surprise.

This was followed by a wander around a good selection of around 80 Triumphs while we waited for the lads to arrive.

With Colin (who convoyed down with us in a red spitty) joining us, the first stop was hanger one for a look at Concorde amongst other planes. We then went on to the American hanger via the Triumph stand for another fuel top up and lastly on to the Land Warfare hanger (my favourite). We missed out quite a few other hangers, Duxford being a rather large place. It was great to see a couple of Spitfires flying over regularly, one of which offered 30 minute flights for just shy of £3,000. It must be quite an experience. But a tad too much for me.

Retro Festival, Newbury 10th-13th August 2017

Having made a quick turn around since returning from Rutland, we were ready to get back on the road early on Thursday morning for the much longer drive to Newbury. Paul had found a stop-over about half way, which we thought was an American Diner but turned out to be a lorry stop. So, we found ourselves driving across a pot-holed yard between massive lorries, then joining a very male-dominated café for an all-day breakfast. Although a little intimidating, it was much cheaper than a regular motorway services, and we did get some admiring glances from the truckers!

We arrived at the showground just after 3pm and were thrilled to be met by Christopher of the Retro Caravan Club (RCC) who directed us into a prime spot right at the front of the row. There were already several caravans there (soon to be over 80) and we soon got ourselves set up and went off to chat to friends. Friday was the main day for exhibitors to arrive and it was interesting to watch as the various stalls were set up. There was music in the evening in the Black Hanger marquee and most of the food outlets were open. We had quite a bit of interest in the combo, from other exhibitors who were walking round and, despite the cold weather, we had a good day. The RCC had organised a Hawaiian themed party for the evening which was fun, although the cold wind sent us back to the warmth of the ‘van before very long.

Saturday and Sunday were the proper show days and from 10 am on both days there was a steady stream of visitors into the show. Being at the front of the row meant that we caught the eye of most of them and so we spent lots of time chatting and answering questions, sharing reminisces etc. We also had time to leave our pitch to look around the show and picked up a few bargains (best one being Christina’s 1960’s coat which was definitely needed on the Saturday when the cold wind continued to blow) and listening to music in the various marquees, our favourite being the Ricky Tic where we danced to 60’s and 70’s Mod/Ska/Reggae bands. We were reluctant to leave on the Sunday, but had to get back for Monday morning, so we packed up and were on the road by 6.30 which meant a late drive home, arriving back just after 11.00. A great weekend and one we will definitively do again.

Wolseley Hornet with caravan
Plenty of classic tow cars showing with the RCC
Nice selection of mod scooters on display
Landcrab pick-up looked good
Not quite so sure about this custom Morris Minor…
Nicely ‘flamed’ Riley Elf

TSSC Leics & Rutland Sunshine Rally, 4th-6th August 2017

Paul had attended the Sunshine Rally several times many years ago, when it was at its first venue of Stanford Hall, and so when our friends Nigel and Jenny said they were going we decided to join in too. We had a good journey to Rutland Campsite, arriving at about 3.30. We soon got set up and went for a cuppa at the site’s teashop as Christina had been too busy with the new house to bake. We declined the offer of joining the fish and chip run, but joined the others in the hospitality tent later for the quiz – which a variety of reactions as nobody seemed to quite understand how it worked! The following morning we were up early and collected our route map in the hopes that we could get round before the forecast rain. The route had been well thought out, with some interesting stop-offs. We were probably the only ones to stop at the Herb/Garden Centre, but we wanted to have a look round to get inspiration for the gardens that we need to plan. Unfortunately the rain caught up with us and we drove to the main stop point at Launde in quite a downpour. We enjoyed a cup of tea and cakes at the Abbey with other TSSC members before braving the showers to look around the gardens before setting off to complete the run. We got back to the campsite for a late lunch then both managed to nod off for over an hour, woken by someone coming to tell us that the BBQ would be ready in half an hour. Another quiz followed and the evening ended with our team, the NFN’s coming third!

On Sunday the plan was for the cars to be put into the middle of the field for showing, before we were all taken by bus to Oakham for a Treasure Hunt. This proved to be better than anticipated and we spent a good couple of hours searching for the answers to some quite cryptic clues before having a picnic lunch in the castle grounds. We got back to the campsite and packed up the caravan before going to the marquee for the raffle draw and results of the car show, which saw us leaving the weekend coming second in the People’s Choice and then being awarded Car of the Show as the Herald was judged to be the ‘most used, loved and enjoyed car’ in its combo with the Viking. A happy ending to a great, well-organised weekend.

Immaculate TR250 which looked as if it had only just been completed


Saham Toney Village Fete, 30th July 2017

Having moved the day of the fete from Saturday to Sunday in order to move to a bigger venue to cater for the amount of interest, there seemed to have been a slight lapse in communication about the arrangements. We arrived at the Bell for the car run, only to find that there was only one other car and no route, so after a search around the village we gave up and went home to return to the fete for midday. There were a few other cars there and with no one to direct us we lined ourselves up. As we had taken the caravan, several people came to say hi and to tell us they had seen it parked in the drive and were interested in having a good look at it.

Holkham Hall Country Fair, 21st to 23rd July 2017

We first heard about the Holkham Country Fair at the Drive-It Day run which ended at Holkham Hall. After making a few enquiries we got ourselves booked in to the car show and then booked the caravan into the campsite for the weekend.

We arrived at Holkham Hall on the Friday evening and had a wander around the developing Fair. Back at the campsite we went to have a look at the only other vintage ‘van, a Cheltenham with a Rolls Royce tow car, then returned to our pitch to find the owner looking at our set up!

After a good night’s sleep, we hitched up and towed the caravan around to the car show area. We managed to get ourselves a prime position just below the Hall and with a fantastic view of the Main Arena. There was some great entertainment throughout the day, with the “Cossacks Horseback Riders” being one of the favourite. The car show was well attended and our caravan created a lot of interest from young and old alike. Having found ourselves in such a good spot, we got permission to stay where we were for the night rather than go back to the campsite, which meant that we were still having breakfast as the show started up around us the next morning! The weather was not brilliant over the weekend but it cleared enough on Sunday for the parachutists to land in the arena, and then brightened up just in time for the spectacular Red Arrows Display. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and will certainly look to attend the next one in 2019.

TSSC Norfolk Fish ‘n’ Chip Run to Cromer, 14th July 2017

Just an evening’s run for fish and chips by the sea, we had arranged to meet up with other TSSC members at Dereham, taking Nick with us for his first classic car experience. We didn’t have long to wait before the others arrived from Norwich so once we had agreed routes we were ready to go. Unfortunately, when Paul started up the engine there was a burning smell and smoke coming from under the bonnet. Just as Christina was wondering if there was a fish and chip shop in Dereham, all the men gathered like bees around a honeypot to investigate and offer advice. Luckily it wasn’t a serious problem, nothing a bit of card and ductape couldn’t fix, and we were on our way. The weather was a little on the chilly side, especially for the passenger sitting in the back, but the fish and chips were lovely and a pleasant evening was spent by all.

Retro Caravan Club rally, Banbury 6th-9th July 2017

We were both looking forward to meeting back with some of the friends we had met in Holland, although we had heard some horror stories about the steep hill into the campsite so were feeling a bit nervous about that. We had a good journey and it was lovely to be greeted by some familiar faces. The campsite was indeed down quite a steep slope with a very loose gravel surface which Paul navigated carefully after Christina had jumped out of the car, opting to walk down the hill! We had a lovely weekend doing very little other than chatting and relaxing. We visited the National Herb Centre which gave us some inspiration for our new garden, lovely lunch of homemade quiche and an ice-cream.

The weekend also included the club’s first AGM which was well attended and successfully summed up the fantastic growth of the RRC to date. Our departure early on Sunday afternoon caused great interest amongst the other members as they debated whether or not the Herald would be able to tow the caravan back up the hill. Of course, with his usual meticulous research, helped significantly by his friend Google, Paul made it look easy and the videos evidenced the encouragement and cheering that accompanied our ascent! A fantastic weekend and more friendships made and renewed.

Kelling Heath and North Norfolk Railway Vintage Transport Day, 29th June – 2nd July 2017

Although we have attended the North Norfolk Railway Vintage Vehicles Day twice before, this year we decided to make a long weekend of it and stay at Kelling Heath holiday park for a few days before the show. This was a bit of a trip down memory lane for Christina, who had stayed there on a few occasions when the boys were younger. We met up with others from the Phoenix club and enjoyed a BBQ, a tea party, a curry and a beer festival over the weekend. In order to justify all this indulgence, we also went for a couple of very long walks on the Friday and Saturday, exploring the local area.

The car show was on the Sunday and this year we were showing the caravan with the car. The weather was lovely and as in previous years we combined the show with a trip into Sheringham on the Steam Train.