RCC Season Starter Rally, Derbyshire 8th – 10th March 2019

Retro Caravan Club Season Starter Rally, before the snow came.

The first rally of the year. We booked this during the late Indian summer a couple of weeks before thinking it would be good to get away from the DIY for a few days. How the weather can change! We were among a further seven or eight RCC members stuck on a hillside for a cold and wet weekend.

We met up in the campsites unheated marquee in the evening. It didn’t take long for members to sneak back to the warmth of the caravans.

We went for a walk along the local canal on the Saturday morning while keeping an eye on the weather forecast which wasn’t good and wasn’t getting any better. Thinking that we might not stay long on Sunday we decided to have the tea and cake on Saturday instead. By 5 O’clock with overnight snow and 40mph winds we decided we’d make a dash for it on Saturday evening. We quickly packed up and then struggled to pull the caravan up the hill off the pitch and to the campsite exit. Due mainly to not warming the car up properly before setting off.

We had a great run back home via fish n chips in Swaffham. A long way to go for just one night but think we made the right choice.

The Classic Car and Restoration Show at NEC, Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th March

Something a bit different. It was mooted in the New Year while it was still on the rotisserie that it might be good to have the Triumph 2500S on the Retro Caravan Club stand. As they always seem to, everything took longer than planned. With the car not even starting the Sunday before, we managed to get it MoT’d on the Wednesday with the aim to then put the tow bar on and leave. But, by the time it was on and the lights were working, but the car wasn’t (loose wire on the starter motor) it was decided it was too late to set off so we delayed our get away until 6 the following morning.

We made it! Unhitching our accommodation for the weekend.

So with the caravan attached and fingers crossed we set off for the cars maiden voyage. Dropping the caravan off at the campsite we got to the NEC by 10.30 and started setting up. The evening was spent in the local carvery followed by an early night. Up with the larks on the Friday morning for the press day of the show. Then followed three long days with the evenings spent in Chris and Cams camper eating and drinking.

Lots of visitors to the stand over the weekend.

Only problem we had was the indicators not working once we unhitched the caravan but a brief chat to the folks on the Triumph 2000 club stand and a new flasher unit got them working again. It was decided to keep the car unwashed until the Sunday when we washed half in the morning and the rest at the end of the day.

Take down day on the Sunday was a tad busy with so many carss trying to get out while others were trying to get in. We decided to try and head back on the Sunday. Although the side lights had stopped working on the caravan but was easy enough to sort after a bit of head scratching. It will be nice when I can start or finish a journey without a problem with the car…

Birthday weekend, North Norfolk, 13th to 17th April 2019

For the first time in what seems like ages we set off for a weekend on our own, no rally’s or car shows to attend, just a weekend of RnR on a cold and Windy North Norfolk coast. While we tried, it was a bit too cold to be sitting outside the caravan. But we did get plenty of walking in and a very nice birthday meal at Rocky Bottoms. With a stop off for a nights hotel stay and a spa treat on the way home.

Only problem over the weekend was synchro going on 2nd gear. Double de-clutching when not towing is one thing but with the caravan on the back it certainly makes the car work a bit harder. So the first day back after a nice restful weekend saw me removing the gearbox. Will it be back in in time for our trip to Isle of Wight in two weeks time?

30th TSSC Isle of Wight, 1st to 8th May 2019

The answer to the question at the end of the last blog was yes, I picked the gearbox up on the Monday, had it fitted by 7 O’clock that evening. It was booked in for a tune-up on the Tuesday before leaving on the Wednesday as I was having trouble getting the tuning correct. That’s when the problems started. We had a phone call in the afternoon saying the technician wanted a word. So up to the garage we went dreading the worst. It wasn’t the worst but meant it wouldn’t be going to TSSC Isle of Wight in the Herald. Loss of compression on 2 (75), 3 (25) and 4 (0) cylinders, a job for when we returned!

So the big Triumph was press-ganged into pulling the caravan. Setting off in plenty of time for the 4pm ferry, we arrived early enough for the 3pm one. Getting to the campsite in plenty of time to set up. This seems to be taking longer, mainly due to the light show that we we seem to put on these days. We had a good couple of days enjoying ourselves, including a walk to the Botanical Gardens, before the other members turned up and the TSSC weekend started.

Saturday saw a run out with celebratory cake and sparkly at the Isle of Wight Pearl who were also celebrating 30 years. Great choice for a midway break. We missed the evenings entertainment in preference to an early night. I think my body and brain had decided now was a good time to rest and was intent on taking full advantage of the situation.

Sundays trip and barbeque was at Sandown Airport. A much better parking situation to the previous year. Good burgers too. Again we missed the evenings games, but at least I was starting to feel a bit better. Monday saw the farewell run to the pub. Again we decided to miss this in favour of a walk. But it did give me an opportunity to take some nice pics as the cars were leaving.

Tuesday saw us walking down to Ventnor. This time to visit a pottery shop that we had been to the year before and where we had regretted not buying a piece of pottery. So this year we made ammends. Rain was forecast for the following day so that evening we took down the awning and packed everything away. Which was just as well as it poured all night right up to when we had to leave for the 10am ferry.

Again we were early and just managed to catch the earlier ferry arriving back at home mid afternoon.

Another great weekend, well organised and plent to do with some friendly people. I think the big Triumph is going to become a really good car to go away in.

TR7 on their way home
Cake time at the Pearl Centre
The obligatory Herald, to remind us that we didn’t have ours