The Car’s the Star – Triumphs

Just for fun, taken from the Christmas lockdown quiz we organised, the Triumph section of The Car’s the Star. Can you name the TV series or film featuring Triumphs from these stills? Note that in some cases you’ll need the film title, not just the characters name. Cryptic clues are given just to complicate matters.

Answers at the bottom of the page.

Hazell Triumph Stag
1) Every bite a topic
Heartbeat Triumph Herald
2) You’ll need one of these to skip one
Avengers TR7
3) Purdey inflicts a recent payback
Railway Man - Triumph 2000
4) Transport but not on the road
Educating Rita, Triumph Herald
5) Starring a scruffy caine
Bergerac Triumph Roadster
6) Island sleuth with a sting
Monty Python Triumph Spitfire
7) Field Marshall snake
New Tricks Triumph Stag
8) Standing, you just can’t teach old dogs some things
One Day - Triumph Vitesse
9) Twenty four hours
Last of the Summer Wine, Triumph Herald
10) Seasonal drink comes to an end
Hard Top, Soft Shoulder Triumph Herald
11) Convertible emergency stopping lane
Two for the Road - Triumph Herald
12) You shouldn’t do one let alone two
Two Ronnies, Triumph Herald
13) Matching pair
Tintin, the Black Island Triumph Herald
14) Cut off by water is a dark place
Top Gear Triumph Herald
15) Before the Grand Tour
Sometimes Always Never - Triumph Herald
16) Bill’s unsure of how often
  1. James Bond, Diamonds are Forever Triumph Stag
    17) Endless sparkler
  2. Ant Man Triumph Spitfire
    Small chap but marvellous film



    1. Hazell – Triumph Stag
    2. Heartbeat – Triumph Herald
    3. The New Avengers – TR7
    4. Railway Man – Triumph 2000
    5. Educating Rita – Triumph Herald 13/60
    6. Bergerac – Triumph Roadster
    7. Monty Pyton – Triumph Spitfire
    8. New Tricks – Triumph Stag
    9. One Day – Triumph Vitesse
    10. Last of the Summer Wine – Triumph Herald
    11. Soft Top, Hard Shoulder – Triumph Herald
    12. Two for the Road – Triumph Herald
    13. Two Ronnies – Triumph Herald
    14. Tintin – The Black Island – Triumph Herald
    15. Top Gear – Triumph Herald
    16. Sometimes Always Never – Triumph Herald
    17. James Bond – Diamonds are Forever – Triumph Stag
    18. Ant-Man – Triumph Spitfire