Classic Car Outings 2012

Classic car outings in 2012, including Langley, Euston Park and Worstead

Langley School Daffodil Craft & Country Fayre, 25th March 2012

Langley Daffodil Craft and Country Fayre
Lined up with the usual Club Triumph bunch at the Langley Daffodil Day

Exceptionally early start for this one due to the clocks going forward made me wonder whether it was a good idea or not. Met up with other Club Triumph members at Loddon car park before driving in.

Plenty of classics there including three other Heralds (two being light blue) and a couple of Vitesses. Other classics included a line-up of Corvettes and a Kitt replica. Large selection of stalls and exhibits along with the Daffodil walk. A good day out and I even followed one of the blue Heralds home on the A11, not something that I get to experience very often.

Langley School made a great backdrop to the day
Loads of stationary engines
Good showing of Corvettes
Kitt replica
Brabham Viva
and another blue Herald

Skeyton Goat, 13th May 2012

With the cancellation of the Henham Wings and Wheels event due to a soggy field but, with the Sunday being sunny, thought it would be a good idea to try somethng new. Quick call to Trevor to see if he fancied it and we were on our way. Although we did have to take his “new” Mazda instead of the Herald.

Really good show, great selection of cars including quite a few Triumphs. Not the biggest show (being held in a field behind the Goat pub). It had a very friendly atmosphere and with me not driving meant I could have a couple of pints.

Trevor Mazda MX-5
Trevor’s Mazda MX-5
Good eclectic mix of cars
including the good and the not-so-good
Underbonnet of a very nice looking GT6
Dodge Charger Magnum

Manchester and Northants Triumph Rally, Wickstead Park,
24-27th May 2012

Trevor Mazda MX-5
Outside Manchester City Football Ground

The biggest journey in the Triunph for a long time, up to Manchester for three days of basketball at the Paralympic World Cup followed by a visit to the Northants Standard Triumph Rally. Journey up to Manchester in glorious sunshine on the Thursday leaving home at 7.30 and arriving just in time for the first game at 12.30 (this did include a break for breakfast). Then three days watching basketball (with GB having a somewhat lacklustre time – hopefully they’ll get it together in time for the Paralympics). By the end of the three days the poor old girl was covered in dust, but car show it was, being on the way home it made for a welcome break. Just a shame there wasn’t more cars there (around 35). Great pity, the venue was good with lots to do, weather was hot ‘n’ sunny and the folks friendly. Over 450 miles covered and the old girl behaved exceptionally well.

Bonnet up time with some nice cars on show
Took a shine to this two-tone paint job
Very small contingent of Triumphs at the Northants Standard Triumph Rally at Wickstead Park

Euston Park Rural Pastimes, 10th June 2012

Euston Park Rural Pastimes
One of the first at Euston Park

Glorious sunny day, family had a day off, so took Trevor along for a day out. Arrived bright and early with the roof down (in fact we were one of the first). Very similar to the previous year with plenty to see and do. Somewhere in the region of 200 cars and loads of tractors and steam engines. Afternoon came over cloudy and just managed to get home before the rain came down. Must be one of the biggest shows in East Anglia.

MGB Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Very nice silver MGB V8
Reliant Scimiter Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Pre-GTE Reliant Scimiter
Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Loads of tractors in all states
Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Full day of arena attractions

TR Wensum Club All Triumph Meet, 11th June 2012

Not really an outing as such as it was only down the road, but a very nice evening all the same. Joint meeting with the TR, TSSC, Stag Owners and Club Triumph at the Bird in Hand, Wrenningham. 14 cars in total (mainly TRs it must be said), it was a good turnout on a cold and cloudy Monday night.

Bird in Hand Wrenningham
Triumphs at the Bird in Hand, Wrenningham

Bird in Hand Wrenningham

1st Hoveton and Wroxham Sea Scout Group
9th Classic, Custom Car & Motorbike Show, 22nd July 2012

1st Hoveton and Wroxham Sea Scout Group 9th Classic, Custom Car & Motorbike Show
Heralds, a very common site at the Hoveton Classic Car Show

What was promised to be a sunny day with clear blue skys started off somewhat overcast. But we had the roof down, as Chris and I picked up Trevor on the way. Arrived around 10.30 and by 11.30 the roof was back up when it started to drizzle. Very varied selection of cars turned up to this (what appeared to be) informal car show, some of which we had seen at the Skeyton Goat show earlier in the year. By far the most popular make was Triumph, with 3 or 4 Heralds including one that came in behind us. Cars seemed to be coming and going all day. As there wasn’t much to do once you’ld been around the cars and auto-jumble, where I managed to buy myself a new set of spark plugs, we spent most of the afternoon sitting and chatting.

MGB Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Norfolk Mini Owners Club turned up in force
Reliant Scimiter Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Morris Minor and another Triumph
MGB Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Reliant Scimiter Euston Park Rural Pastimes
Nice bit of airbrushing on this Harley

Worstead Festival Classic Car Show, 29th July 2012

Worstead Festival Car Show
Very tightly packed at the Worstead Festival

Another last minute booking thanks to Eddie, had Trevor and me joining the North Norfolk Classic Vehicle Club at a show I’ve wanted to attend for some time. Ended up being somewhat disappointed when we were jammed into a very small area stuck out of the way from the rest of the show. Felt sorry for some of the other owners who’s cars were so close together people had trouble walking betwen them, when you’ve got a Jaguar E-tpe worth upwards of £50,000 you don’t really want people with pushchairs sqeezing between you and another car!

Rest of the festival was good though with main arena events all day and beer festival with bands in the local pub. Day ended when the promised rain arrived mid-afternoon with a very wt drive home.

Worstead Festival
Morris Minor line-up
Worstead Festival
Two very smart Vanden Plas Princess 3 Litre
Worstead Festival
Plenty of stalls to wander around
Worstead Festival
Even a few LARPers doing re-enactments
Worstead Festival
Good showing of classic tractors
Worstead Festival
Good variety and quality

A few days in Wales followed by the TSSC International at Stafford, 16th -19th August 2012

Wet but very scenic trip to Wales
Wet but very scenic trip to Wales

A combination of car show and a visit to friends in Wales, the idea being to take the Herald to Wales and then pop into Stafford for the TSSC International on the way back. Good plan apart from leaving Norfolk in glorious sunshine for a couple of days in a very wet Wales put a bit of a damper on it. Took the scenic route back where the SatNav decided to get lost and took us in the wrong direction. Once turned off we managed to navigate our way back to civilisation. Driving time on the way back – 7 hours, a very bum sore trip! Mileage for the round trip was over 600 miles. Yes and the old girl performed exceedingly well.

Very wet trip, but some truly glorious scenery.wales6


wales4 wales3


TSSC International at Stafford 19th August 2012

TSSC International at Stafford - 50 years of the Spitfire and Vitesse
TSSC International at Stafford – 50 years of the Spitfire and Vitesse
Usual display of shining examples
Usual display of shining examples
Very nice Vitesse Coupe which looked really good
Very nice Vitesse Coupe which looked really good
Couple of the ADU racing Spitfires
Couple of the ADU racing Spitfires

Charity Race Day Experience, Snetterton 19th November 2012

The event I’ld been looking forward to for the past six months. Had an amazing day last year and was hoping this would be as good – and it was!

Arrived at the venue around 7.15am, everything was covered in heavy dew, but the sun was out. Got the car scrutinised, noise tested and registered myself. By the time I’d had a couple of practice laps the hood was dry and was ready to come down. The event was much busier than last year and ended up with 7 or 8 paying passengers (£10 donated to charity) who seemed to enjoy it (don’t think they quite new how close to the edge I was driving, the back end came out a couple of times). Again I must of got around 30 laps on the 100 track. Didn’t get much time to have a look around during the day but did check out the car clubs and the lunchtime air display. Good to see a few of the Club Triumph lot parked up in the club area.

Can’t wait until next years…

Increase in fee paying passengers this year
Porsch club
Show ‘n’ shine
Great variety of cars on and off the track
First fee paying passenger
Lining up for noise test
Lining up for noise test