TSSC Norfolk New Year Brunch Run, 7th January 2024

Thankfully most of the floods from the heavy rain had subsided for TSSC Norfolk’s New Year Brunch Run. We had an amazing turn out for this run – the biggest we’ve had so far. It always surprises me that this event is so popular. It just goes to show the Norfolk lot are a hardy bunch. There were two start points, Swaffham Market Place and Aylsham Station both ending up for brunch at the Liberator Restaurant at Old Buckenham Airfield which we managed to take over. We had 30 Triumphs out and about along with a Rover Vitesse, Saab 93 and Jaguar XK8. The restaurant coped really well catering for 60 of us when they only had seating for 45. Members patience and understanding was also much appreciated.
Many thanks to David and Shaun for overseeing the Aylsham start. And of course many thanks to all those that took part. Especially those that persevered with the floods. Without you all it wouldn’t have happened.
It was great to have a few from Wensum TRs joining in as well as TSSC visitors from Cambridge and Rutland and Leicester areas.

TSSC Norfolk Scatter Treasure Hunt, Sunday 21st April

Originally started during Covid as a way of getting Triumphs out for a drive but without mixing in groups, and now in its third year, TSSC Norfolk Drive It Day Scatter Treasure Hunt keeps growing in popularity. 

The hunt started between 10 and 10.30 with a choice of seven locations to choose from. The rest of the stops could be done in any order. Each stop had 3–5 questions with points given for correct answers. Although the big scores were from taking photos of other Triumphs out and about. 

This year we introduced a lunchtime get-together at Old Buckenham Country Park with reserved parking overlooking the pond and café. We had 16 Triumphs parked up at various times, including a few that weren’t doing the quiz and just came along for the social. 

Other stops included Forncett Steam Museum. Who were having a fettling day but were happy to open up for us. Wymondham Abbey, a village green (Banham), town centre (Attleborough). As well as a church ruin and Bressingham Steam Museum.