Triumph Herald 2000

Welcome to my blog! Originally produced as a way of keeping track of the various car shows I’d attended it  with my Triumph Herald it has now grown to encompass a collection of other stuff too.

These include a selection of 1960s Triumph sales brochures and a page of ‘interestingly’ modified Herald pics gleaned from around the web over the years (Other Bits).  

It has also been expanded to encompass our matching Viking Fibreline caravan and our Triumph 2500S estate.

KJJ 178D – A 2 Litre Herald

Triumph Herald and Viking Fibreline
Our Triumph Herald and Viking Fibreline somewhere in the middle of France on our way to the ECCR in Luxembourg in 2018.

Purchased in 1979 and has undergone two major rebuilds (Rebuild one and Rebuild two for pictures). Short history of the car is viewable here. There is also a somewhat egotistical gallery of press cuttings the Herald has appeared in including a Triumph World article.

Viking Fibreline Caravan

In July 2016 we purchased a Viking Fibreline caravan, while in good condition overall it had been badly painted by the previous owner, so was stripped down and repainted in matching blue and white (click here for photos).

Triumhp 2500S estateTriumph 2500S Estate

Our latest addition to the fleet is a Triumph 2500S. The underside has been rebuilt (click here for photos) top side will be done as a rolling restoration. This will be our every day car as well as having the job of towing a slightly bigger classic Sprite Musketeer caravan which is currently undergoing restoration.



Click here for a selection of Triumph Sales brochures from the 1960s in pdf format