Stars and their Cars – Triumph

Famous people and their Triumphs. Just for fun, taken from the Norfolk area Christmas quiz 2021 we organised, the Triumph section of Stars and their Cars. Can you name the famous folks from the pictures? Cryptic clues are given just to complicate matters.

Answers at the bottom of the page.

Deborah Watling (Assistant to 2nd Dr Who) - Triumph Spitfire
1. Doctor, doctor, who’s that girl
George Martin - Triumph Herald
2. Beatle maker
Cleo Lane Bond Equipe
3. Street singer
Roger Daltrey of the Who Triumph 2000
4. Who’s driving
Brian Kidd Manchester City Triumph Herald
5. Manchester child
Diana Rigg - Triumph Herald
6. Peel an avenger
John Lennon Triumph Herald
7. The driver not the band
Edwina Curry Triumph Spitfire
8. The egg lady
Agnetha Faltskog (Abba) - Triumph Spitfire
9. Mamma Mia!
Zoe Ball Triumph Stag
10. Don’t drop the DJ
Mary Berry, Triumph Roadster
11. Baking Triumph
Johnny Hallyday - TR
12. French rocker not to confused with holiday
Stirling Moss Triumph Herald
13. Not a rolling stone but currency of the UK
Sue Nicholls (Actress) - Triumph Herald
14. Crossroads to become secretary to Reggie Perrin
Michael Edwardes and TR7
15. BL CEO
16. Strictly for dancers
Spencer Davies group 1966 publicity shot for "Keep on Running" - Triumph Vitesse
17. Definitely not Frank but could be a golfing cup



Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg GT6
18. Je t’aime, moi non plus
Peter Jay (Jaywalkers) - Triumph Herald
19. Give-away number plate for walkers


1. Deborah Watling (Assistant to 2nd Dr Who) – Triumph Spitfire
2. George Martin – Triumph Herald
3. Cleo Lane Bond – Equipe
4. Roger Daltey – Triumph 2000
5. Brian Kidd (Man City) – Triumph Herald
6. Diana Rigg – Triumph Herald
7. John Lennon – Triumph Herald
8. Edwina Curry – Triumph Spitfire
9. Agnetha Faltskog (Abba) – Triumph Spitfire
10. Zoe Ball – Triumph Stag
11. Mary Berry – Triumph Roadster
12. Johnny Hallyday – TR
13. Stirling Moss – Triumph Herald
14. Sue Nicholls (Actress) – Triumph Herald
15. Michael Edwardes (CEO of British Leyland) – TR7
16. Craig Revel Horwood (Strictly Come Dancing)- Triumph Stag
17. Spencer Davies group 1966 publicity shot for “Keep on Running” – Triumph Vitesse
18. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg (  – Triumph GT6
19. Peter Jay (Jaywalkers) – Triumph Herald