Pre 2009 Outings

Paul Girling’s Triumph Herald rebuild

Photos from pre-2009 outings the Herald has been on are a bit scarce.

Here is a selection of those that I could find.

TSSC International Weekend, Stafford July 1989

TSSC Leicester Sunshine Rally 3, Stanford Hall August 1989

TSSC International Weekend, Stafford August 1990

Broadland MG Owners Club Heritage Run, May 2002

Broadland MG Owners Club Heritage Run, May 2003

TSSC All Triumph Day at Duxford, September 2003

Classic Car “Run What Ya Brung” at Santa Pod,
July 2004

Standing 1/4 mile: 19.3 secs

Maximum speed: 67.9mph

I was a bit nervous of pushing her too hard, remembering I had a 100 mile trip home again. As it was the head gasket went a few weeks later while on the Sporting Car Club of Norfolk Mid Summer Classic run. So guess I pushed her a bit harder than I should have…