TSSC Norfolk Scatter Treasure Hunt, Sunday 21st April

Originally started during Covid as a way of getting Triumphs out for a drive but without mixing in groups, and now in its third year, TSSC Norfolk Drive It Day Scatter Treasure Hunt keeps growing in popularity. 

The hunt started between 10 and 10.30 with a choice of seven locations to choose from. The rest of the stops could be done in any order. Each stop had 3–5 questions with points given for correct answers. Although the big scores were from taking photos of other Triumphs out and about. 

This year we introduced a lunchtime get-together at Old Buckenham Country Park with reserved parking overlooking the pond and café. We had 16 Triumphs parked up at various times, including a few that weren’t doing the quiz and just came along for the social. 

Other stops included Forncett Steam Museum. Who were having a fettling day but were happy to open up for us. Wymondham Abbey, a village green (Banham), town centre (Attleborough). As well as a church ruin and Bressingham Steam Museum. 

TSSC Norfolk New Year Brunch Run, 7th January 2024

Thankfully most of the floods from the heavy rain had subsided for TSSC Norfolk’s New Year Brunch Run. We had an amazing turn out for this run – the biggest we’ve had so far. It always surprises me that this event is so popular. It just goes to show the Norfolk lot are a hardy bunch. There were two start points, Swaffham Market Place and Aylsham Station both ending up for brunch at the Liberator Restaurant at Old Buckenham Airfield which we managed to take over. We had 30 Triumphs out and about along with a Rover Vitesse, Saab 93 and Jaguar XK8. The restaurant coped really well catering for 60 of us when they only had seating for 45. Members patience and understanding was also much appreciated.
Many thanks to David and Shaun for overseeing the Aylsham start. And of course many thanks to all those that took part. Especially those that persevered with the floods. Without you all it wouldn’t have happened.
It was great to have a few from Wensum TRs joining in as well as TSSC visitors from Cambridge and Rutland and Leicester areas.

TSSC Christmas Weekend, 1st to 3rd December 2023

After hearing that the Essex Area were going to Market Harborough for a weekend, taking in the HQ open day, we thought we’d get the Norfolk area to tag along…

We had three cars starting off from a very frosty Norfolk on Friday morning. All was going well until 15 miles from our destination, Shaun’s Herald had a bit of trouble accelerating (more so than Heralds normally do). It turned out that the cable casing had become detached from the bulkhead, which was not a difficult fix in the end but it did take us three attempts. Thankfully we still made it up to the Three Swans at Market Harborough in time for lunch and a much needed drink.

The afternoon saw us booking into our rooms, taking five and getting excited as we heard more Triumphs arriving (although that might have been just me).

In the evening we met up with the Essex contingent for a drink before wandering around the large Christmas Market.

Saturday morning was a good opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done, then in  the afternoon some returned to the bar whilst others went for a second round of shopping. In the evening both areas came together again for a lovely meal, with lots of chat and laughter.

We woke on Sunday morning to a light covering of snow which thankfully thawed while we enjoyed the hotel breakfast, and was gone by the time we set off for the TSSC Open Day.

At the HQ, Lisa and Trudy had put on a great spread for everyone. Christina gave us a very informative tour around the museum, giving the history of the Triumphs and artefacts on display. It’s amazing what they have up there, but you really do need a guided tour to appreciate it all. And, of course, Julian was at hand in the shop for those that couldn’t resist a purchase or two.

The drive home was cold and wet with two of us getting stuck for a couple of hours on the A11 due to reindeer roaming free on the road – only in Norfolk…


Saham Toney Treasure Hunt

A locally organised run around a number of churches. We thought it might be useful to pop along to this one, firstly to support a local car event and secondly just to see what other non-classic folk do.

Within ten minutes we were lost so headed back home to dig out some maps. We realised where we had gone wrong – we should have turned left, but this was left off the instructions! It wasn’t boding well. We did manage to get halfway around before giving up as it was getting a bit late. Once we got into the swing of things it was quite enjoyable with some nice small Norfolk roads.

Week Away, 29th August to 5th September

After all our ‘Triumph’ weekends away which, while enjoyable, can be very tiring we decided that a proper holiday was in order. The main criteria was that it needed to be reasonably close, with pub and shop within walking distance and not too commercial. 

Christina managed to find Bounds Campsite, Fulbourn near Cambridge. A lovely sight with space for eight units in an orchard, an idealic setting. 

First couple of nights we had rain and being parked under a tree meant that came in load drips on the roof. The next two nights there was a late teen gathering in the rally field next door. But none of this distracted from what was a great break. 

Plenty of walking and pubbing along with lots of reading and lots of rest. Just what we needed. 

Tea and Cake Afternoon, 20th August 2023

Now in it’s third year, opening up our garden for a car show along with tea and cake has become a regular event in the TSSC Norfolk calendar.

We had 26 Triumphs – 8 biggies, 7 TR’s, 4 Spitfires, 4 Vitesses, a couple of early Heralds, a Stag and a Standard 10 attending. Including a few from TR Wensum.

Great weather and our biggest turn out to date along with a few locals coming to take a look helped us raise £260 for worthy causes.

TSSC Leicester and Rutland Sunshine Rally, 4th – 6th August 2023

One of our favourite weekends. This report is taken from the article sent in to the Courier.

Despite the lack of sunshine, the Leicester and Rutland ‘Sunshine Rally’ was another resounding success. To be fair, the sun did put in an appearance on the Sunday, after allowing the rain to dominate on Saturday.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, there were already several tents and caravans, and a good number of Triumphs, on the field. We pitched up and soon after everyone was summoned to the marquee for a welcome to the weekend, with local speciality Pork Pie and/or cake to accompany a cuppa. Friday evening saw quite a gathering in the bar, for a drink or two and a quiz. The rain started overnight and continued throughout the next day. A few people braved the rain to do the organised run, others selected parts of it (apparently a garden centre with scones and fresh cream was a popular choice). Others, including us, remained at camp and took the opportunity to catch up on some reading and snoozing. A game of bingo in Keith and Lynne’s tent created a welcome distraction from the weather, along with a few other games from Jane’s bag of tricks.

Saturday evening saw us back in the bar for a Dave Smith version of the Mr and Mrs quiz, with couples having to sit back-to-back and indicate which of them did various tasks, by raising either a pink or a blue balloon into the air.  A tiebreaker ‘suck it and run’ caused Lynne to almost pass out, but she and Keith managed to qualify for the final, which they won – congratulations to Mr and Mrs Lister!

Sunday dawned a much better day, which meant most of us set off to do the scatter treasure hunt, driving round Rutland and stopping off at some very pretty villages to answer a few questions. Back to the campsite for the traditional Show and Shine, followed by prize giving and raffle, before people began to pack up and head off home. Many thanks to Dave and Jan for organising what was a great weekend.

As the season comes to an end this is the last “Weekenders” report. We hope you have enjoyed a look at some of the TSSC camping weekends.

TSSC Border Run, Sunday 23rd July 2023

The idea for this run was born at the end of 2022 as a way of celebrating 100 years of the Triumph name. The idea spread to a number of different areas of the TSSC all doing the run on in their areas on the same day.

We took the caravan up to a campsite near the start in Cromer to save on the driving on the day.

Wow, what an amazing county Norfolk is.

Many thanks to all those who took part and joined us on all or at least part of the run. We had 26 Triumphs and one Morris Minor joining the run at various points of the route.

Congratulations to those who did the whole border – John and Brenda in their yellow Spit, Dean in his red Spit, Trevor and Clare in their big red Triumph, Chris in his blue TR7, Steve and Delia in their white Vitesse, Shaun and Jayne in their Herald estate, David and Penny in their Cavalry Blue TR7 (who also celebrated the end of the trip with a swim in the sea) and finally Paul and Christina in their blue Herald. All managing the 200 miles without a problem.

Many thanks to members Jenny and Dennis for the morning tea and biscuits break at their house. We joined up with Cambridge and Peterborough areas for our lunch stop at Upwell village hall. Follow by an ice cream stop just past Hunstanton and then back to Cromer for fish and chips.

North Norfolk Railway Vintage Transport Weekend, 1st to 2nd July

Always one of our favourite shows this one, partly because we tend to make a weekend if it by camping in the show field on the Saturday night. 

This year there were six caravans, three in our group, camping over. The first job was to get some fish and chips from Holt which we had in Martins caravan. It wasn’t long before the sloe gin came out and very nice it was too. 

There’s always something nice about getting up on show day and not having to drive anywhere. Just sitting there watching the cars come in. We didn’t take the free train up to Sheringham this year but decided to spend the day catching up with old friends and meet new ones.