Triumph Herald 2000


For the sum of £200 I managed to buy my first car in 1979 – a blue Triumph Herald 1200 convertible, KJJ 178D. I then proceeded to tidy her up using copious amounts of filler and a re-spray with a garden sprayer. A couple of years later it failed the MOT due to “excessive chassis rust front to rear”. So in June 1981 I started a major body-off restoration. The aim of the rebuild was to use the 2 litre, 6 cylinder Triumph Vitesse engine and running gear while keeping the appearance of the 1200 Triumph Herald. Necessitating a fairly major but subtle re-working of the front end to fit the larger engine in (see rebuild pages for what was involved). The rebuild took over seven years to complete (click here for photos).

Triumph Herald 2000
Triumph Herald at the Bromley Pageant of Motoring 2010

Some 20 years after the first restoration she was starting to get a bit “untidy”. No major rust other than the doors. The rest of the body was just suffering from surface rust in places. In August 2007 I finally took the plunge and decided to strip her down again, this time taking 14 months to get her back on the road. (click here for photos).

There is also a selection of press cuttings the Herald has been photographed in including an article in Triumph World magazine.

Triumph World magazineFame at last…

The October/November 2017 edition of Triumph World featured and article on the Triumph Herald 2000 and caravan combo. Click here to see the Triumph World article .