T2KR National, Hunstanton, 11th-13th June 2024

We seemed to be alternating combos with us taking the big Triumph/Sprite combo to the Triumph 2000 Register National. A Triumph event that was actually in Norfolk and just an hour or so away. 

As it was at Searles holiday park in Hunstanton with lots of things to entertain kids, we decided to take our grandson, Kai, with us too for a bit of retro camping. 

Arriving at Searles just after two, we got set up and had a walk around the site before the drizzle started. 

The evening saw us meeting up with Trevor and Clair for a pint and a bit of kiddies entertainment in one of the bars. 

Thursday was our only full day at the event and we were on the beach, dodging (or not) the waves coming in at 8.30am. 

This was followed by a stroll up to the centre of Hunstanton for some lunchtime fish and chips. The afternoon was spent in the pool, followed by a dip and slide in the kiddies pool. 

We went back up to the bar for our second evening with a long-overdue catch-up with Andrew and Catherine among others. 

We had to head home on the Thursday to get ready for Christina’s birthday party on the Saturday. Kai and I went big Triumph spotting with the camera while Christina started packing away. 

Goodbyes were had, and we set off for a good drive home. Although there was a smell of fuel on the way home, which turned out to be from the front carb. When we were nearly home, I could see a cloud of smoke behind us which looked like the caravan brakes had bonded. Fixed by a good tap on the brakes. So, a couple of things to sort out before the combo goes out again. 

We now have a two-week break until the next trip away to Malvern, where we should be taking the Herald/Viking combo.