First outing with the caravan

Discounting a couple of trips round the block, our first proper ride out with the herald towing our newly acquired Viking Fibreline caravan (aka Bluebell) was to the Cakes and Ales campsite at Theberton. Although only a few miles up the road, it was a journey made with great trepidation over how the old girl would cope with her new task. The fact that it was pouring with rain didn’t help the nerves, but arriving at the campsite to be greeted with “Wow, that is fantastic” by the manager, helped to reassure us that it was a worthwhile thing we are doing! Pitching was easy on a nice level site and the kettle was soon whistling away. The back end of the herald seemed to have dropped slightly, which was worrying and Paul started talking about replacing springs and suspension. After spending some time that evening researching over a pint, we realised that we needed to put a bit more thought into loading the ‘van to get better weight distribution. After spending a comfortable night, we moved some of the heavier items around and hitched up for the journey home. It was a useful first trip, with a few lessons learned and questions that needed answering.

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