Easter Exhaustion

Since the last post, we have been spending more and more time working on the Viking. Internally, the fixtures and fittings were decorated, and the first splashes of the lime green appeared. We looked at the possibility of reusing seating from another disused ‘van but decided it would be worth investing in new foam, which we bought online. We found a fabric place locally that was closing down, and after searching through hundreds of rolls we managed to find a colour match to the orange in the curtains for a bargain price, so Christina got to work on this while Paul successfully installed the electrics, both mains and 12v, including sockets and lights.

As the Easter break approached, and the weather forecast was looking good, we decided to focus our attention on the exterior. The first job was to remove all the rough paint from a previous attempt at restoration. This proved to be the worst job yet. The paint was thick, lumpy and peeling. With a combination of heat gun and scraping, and electric sander, it took both of us many hours over a week to get the surface ready for spraying. As the saying goes, the secret’s in the preparation, so we had to make sure it was done properly. Finally, yesterday, she was ‘naked’ and ready for her new coat. With no hitch, moving her to a space away from other cars wasn’t easy, but once in position, Paul was able to get to work, applying primer and undercoat. The top coat paint should hopefully be ready for collection later today, as they have had a door from the Herald since Tuesday, in order to make a good match, so fingers crossed they will have been successful.

‘Naked’, masked and ready for spraying