MG & Triumph 100 Weekend, 8th – 11th June 2023

We hadn’t been to this weekend for a number of years. To be honest sharing a field with a load of MGs never really appealed. But on the basis that you couldn’t pass judgement on something until you’d tried it I thought it time to give it a go. It being the main 100 years celebration also meant that it should be a great show. 

We drove down to Silverstone on the Thursday to camp up in the driveway of a friend who we hadn’t seen for a long time. While a bed was offered we declined and spent the night in the caravan. But, we did take up the offer of a very nice lasagna and breakfast in the morning. 

A little bit of sightseeing and shopping, then the five minute drive to the racetrack. We were given the job of marshalling for the weekend. This started with a meeting at 5pm, where we found out it was going to be a long weekend. 

On return to the caravan, some friends from the RCC days had camped up next to us in their Sprite Musketeer turning our area into a retro camping spot. 

We had a wander up to the bar to say hello to a few folk before getting our heads down early. 

Saturday arrived and after putting the Herald on the TSSC parking area headed off to do our duties marshalling cars into the arena. By the time we were off duty mid afternoon we had both had enough standing and walking about. We did however make it up to the bar area for a few cans with Trevor and Claire, regulars at our Norfolk gatherings.


Sunday was very similar to Saturday, marshalling again. Although I did have an invite to go around the track in Johns Spitfire, which I accepted if only to get me off duties for a bit. It would have been better to have taken the Herald but it was still a great experience.  

Then back to marshalling again until mid afternoon as things started to get put away. 

We then had a bit of a rest at the caravan, watching storm cloud slowly appear. When it looked like the rain was imminent we got into panic mode and rushed to get everything packed away. Luckily making it away before the storms arrived with only the occasional shower on the way home, stopping in the High Street for a take away Chinese. 

So my thoughts on the weekend? We really enjoyed it and didn’t find that the MGs detracted from it too much. It obviously wouldn’t have been the size it was without them. The best bits for me was seeing Triumphs in the 100 years lineup and catching up with people we knew. Our circle off TSSC friends is gradually expanding. Glad we went and would do it again. Perhaps we’ll get a break from stewarding next time…