North Norfolk Railway Vintage Transport Festival, 5th July 2015

First time to this classic car show. Spent the Saturday night in Sutton Bridge enabling us to pick up parents in the morning for the day out, so my usual passenger was replaced by Christina’s dad, who was quite happy to have the roof down until he realised how cold it was. Day before had been scorching. Sunday turned out to be colder and wetter. But managed to have a wander around the cars and get on a train to Sheringham for lunch before the rain started. Caught a bus back, had a look around the 60s market that was also there. Shame about the weather but it was a great show and being able to go off-site by train or bus made for a much more interesting day.

Nice looking VDub camper and trailer
Bus trip back from Sheringham
Vauxhall Viva convertible
Tatty looking Herald brought back some memories


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