TSSC AGM Weekend Away, September 23 – 25th 2022


Having missed the last three AGMs due to covid and a christening we were looking forward to visiting the TSSC HQ again. But being over 100 miles away we thought we’d make a weekend of it. In spite of a traffic jam on the A14 we had a good journey making one toilet break (where we got photographed – pictures that we later got tagged in on the East Coast Retro Facebook page).

Arriving at our campsite at Clipston, I say campsite it was a field (with just us in it) without electric or toilets, just in time for lunch. A short walk around the nice village in the afternoon. As the field was so cheap in comparison to a full service pitch we decided to splash out and treat ourselves to dinner in the pub. On getting back to the caravan we realised how cold it was, so cold in fact that a certain person went to bed with his cap on.

After giving the Herald a quick wash using the dew that had landed on it during the night we soon arrived at the TSSC headquarters ten minutes away. The morning was taken up with the AO meeting. BBQ lunch followed by the AGM, where we won a “done more with your Triumph” trophy which gave us three awards in three years. We now have a complete set! Plenty of nattering and catching up was done during the day.

Early morning runners

We arrived back at the campsite in time for another good walk before our Saturday night curry in the ‘van. Cooking in the an at least raised the temperature a bit. But the cap was still worn at night.

We awoke on Sunday morning to the sound of a loudspeaker in the field next door which was a tad disconcerting. Not long after a fun run started not that far from where we were hitched up. Another long walk (ending at the finish point of the marathon). We set off mid afternoon for a very easy journey home. A great weekend, next one is in a couple of weeks at the Norwich Showground. Fingers crossed it won’t be a lot colder…

Triumph Herald Couriers at TSSC AGM
Early Herald Couriers
Triumph Spitfire 4 mk1 at TSSC AGM
Spitfires 4s