TSSC Border Run, Sunday 23rd July 2023

The idea for this run was born at the end of 2022 as a way of celebrating 100 years of the Triumph name. The idea spread to a number of different areas of the TSSC all doing the run on in their areas on the same day.

We took the caravan up to a campsite near the start in Cromer to save on the driving on the day.

Wow, what an amazing county Norfolk is.

Many thanks to all those who took part and joined us on all or at least part of the run. We had 26 Triumphs and one Morris Minor joining the run at various points of the route.

Congratulations to those who did the whole border – John and Brenda in their yellow Spit, Dean in his red Spit, Trevor and Clare in their big red Triumph, Chris in his blue TR7, Steve and Delia in their white Vitesse, Shaun and Jayne in their Herald estate, David and Penny in their Cavalry Blue TR7 (who also celebrated the end of the trip with a swim in the sea) and finally Paul and Christina in their blue Herald. All managing the 200 miles without a problem.

Many thanks to members Jenny and Dennis for the morning tea and biscuits break at their house. We joined up with Cambridge and Peterborough areas for our lunch stop at Upwell village hall. Follow by an ice cream stop just past Hunstanton and then back to Cromer for fish and chips.