TSSC Norfolk Drive It Day Scatter Treasure Hunt, Sunday 25th April 2021

Triumph 2500 on Drive It Day

Things finally seem to be happening! For our first run out for 2021 we organised a Scatter Treasure Hunt for Drive It Day similar to last years. To help comply with the Covid restrictions we had a selection of six possible start points that, which combined with a variable start time, reduced the risk of any “bunching” up at the start. The rest of the venues could be done in any order chosen.

The venues included a ruined castle and church, craft centres and a country park. Three points were given for correct answers but most of the points were given for spotting other cars on the run – three points for spotting one at a location and five points if the navigator managed to snap one on the move. There were also two double pointer bonus cars this year just to add a bit of excitement.

We had 14 classics turn up including a hat-trick of big Triumphs, making them the most popular model on the run. Other Triumphs were two Spitfires, two Vitesses, two TR7s, and a TR4A. Non Triumphs attending were two MGBs, a Trans Am (the double pointers) and a VW camper.

The winner, with a total of 74 points, was the Rutter clan from the TSSC Cambridge area. Runners up were Andy and Gill followed closely by Steve and Delia.

It was great to be able to take part in this one and it was great to see so many Triumphs darting about Norfolk!

TSSC Scatter Treasure Hunt