TSSC Norfolk Run, 12th July 2020

Having only done 400 miles in the Herald since I replaced the head back in March due to the lockdown. A car run with route map that we weren’t organising seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the magic 500 miles done so I could re-torque the head.

Meeting up at the Easton lay-by for 10. With a route map in our grubby mitts we set off. We had a TR7 and Vitesse neither of which had a co-pilot following us. We soon caught up with another convoy of three Vitesse. Again with only the lead car with co-pilot who unfortunately took a wrong turning. The other two got it right and at the first “clue stop” dropped in behind us. So we now had a TR7 and three Vitesses behind us. Pressure was on the map reader!

At some of the “clue stops” there wasn’t room for our convoy to stop so we trundled past with eyes peeled.

Final stop was Gorleston seafront for a spot of lunch and a natter. Great first outing after lockdown.