Fish and Chip run to Dunwich, Sunday 15th March 2020

With my ‘new’ hardened head replaced on the Wednesday and my refurbished carbs put back on on the Friday. What the car really needed was a good run. A phone call on the Thursday afternoon to say the organiser wouldn’t be able to attend due to work and Coronavirus. It meant that I only had a few days to sort out a route.

The lack of time meant it was going to have to be sorted with Google maps without the chance to do a pre-run to check it out. So a postcode route was devised starting at the Gull Inn, south of Norwich. First stop was the Urban Jungle garden centre for a mid morning coffee break.

At this point we left the route to the others and went straight to Dunwich to put up signs and for me to get ready with my camera.

The others followed the route map which took them through Lowestoft (which included a flooded road by all accounts) a further stop off at Southwold harbour for thoise that hadn’t spent too long at the garden centre and on to Dunwich for a fish and chip meal.

Seven Triumphs started off from the Gull Inn including three TRs from the TR Register, who will hopefully ttend further runs. We were then joined by two further Triumphs from TSSC Cambridge at Dunwich. Not a bad turn out for the last gathering of Triumphs before Coronavirus put the country into lockdown.

We even made it on to the cover of the TSSC club magazine