TSSC New Year Run, Sunday 5th January 2020

Our first attempt at organising a tulip rally as part of the TSSC. Route planned using Google and a trial run done using a modern car for accurate mileage (the Heralds is 10% out the 2500S um, still doesn’t have mileometer that works).

We had two starting points, Swaffham market place and the Easton layby where Mike was handing out route sheets. A great turn out of 23 people with eight triumphs taking part including quite a few new faces. A fifty mile run ending up at Peter Beales Roses for brunch. While we didn’t take part on the run itself on the day we were driving across the countryside taking pictures at various stages.

I think/hope that people seemed to have as much fun doing it as it was organising. I think this might be the first of many.

Inpromtu car show at Swaffham market place starting place
Some noticed this strange bloke lurking in the bushes with a camera as they shot past
End of the rall – the carpark at Peter Beales Roses