Leicester and Rutland Sunshine Rally, 5th-9th August 2021

This, one of our favourite Triumph weekends, is always enjoyable. Our first proper trip out in the Herald / Viking combo for almost two years. it was great to be towing again. We arrived early on the Thursday which gave us Friday to walk partway around Rutland Water (where we got drenched in the rain) before the weekend kicked off.

Saturday saw us going on a scatter treasure hunt very similar to the ones we’d organised in the Norwich area. The difference being each point was a village which we walked around getting clues. With ours we choice just a point of interest with clues. We will definitely be adapting ours to use the village idea next year!

Evening entertainment was put on after the BBQ with Paul taking part in the fun. Sunday should have been a run out to a point of interest, but the rain put paid to that. We did however do the show n shine line up.

Neil Spencers Triumph 2500 PI
Neil lovely looking Triumph 2500 PI

Triumph Herald 1200s
We had the company of two other Triumph Herald 1200s.

We remained with a few others on the Sunday for travelling home on the Monday.

The only disappointment was the number of modern cars and caravans at the event. Looking out of the caravan window we could quite easily of been at a caravan club rally. I hope it’s not the start of the way these things are going.

new cars and caravans
The disappointing view from the caravan.
Classic Triumphs camping
Very pleased that at least some of the folks made the effort to camp with their Triumphs.