TSSC Fish and Chip Run to Dunwich, 18th July 2021

Triumph Herald at Dunwich

Another weekend, another run for the Triumph Herald. This one Mike’s TSSC Norfolk run to Dunwich for fish n chips.

9am saw us arrive at a Sainsbury’s on the east side of Norwich wondering how the 50 mile run was going to take until the 1.30pm meet time. 

Our first stop off was for a cuppa and a wander around the Sparrows Nest gardens in Lowestoft. Whilst not our first time here it is well worth the stop. It also managed to use up 45 minutes of our run time. Our next stop was at Ness Point, the Eastern most point of the United Kingdom. While there wasn’t much there we did meet up with the owners of a Herald estate for chat. Another 30 minus off our run time.

Next up was Henstead Art and Craft Centre and another 30 minutes down but we still had time to spare. It was starting to look like our next stop was Dunwich and we were looking like we were going to be early.

But, on one of the back roads, we spotted an open garden, Henstead Exotic Garden, well worth a visit incidentally, and another 45 minutes was spent.

We finally reached a very packed beech car park at Dunwich, we were the last Triumph to turn up, bang on 1.30pm. With some skilful manoeuvring we managed to get most of the Triumphs parked together in-between the rows of moderns. After 4 1/2 hours of driving the fish n chips were well worth it. The best we’ve had in a long time.