North Norfolk Railway 60s Weekend, 24th July 2022

North Norfolk Railway 1960s Weekend Triumph Herald steam train

An invite from one of our caravan friends who works at North Norfolk Railway led us to set up our caravan at Weybourne for their 60s weekend. 

Arriving on the Friday afternoon with two others to make a small campsite alongside the railway track. A run out for fish n chips gave us dinner for the evening. 

Artists in action

Saturday saw us dressed up in our best 60s attire to welcome the crowds. There wasn’t an awful lot happening at Weybourne, a few classic cars and a Shadows cover band. The general feeling was it that it was just as well we were there. 

Sunday was a bit more interesting with a bunch of scooters turning up and a different band doing 60s covers. The steam train was in use a bit more although only going a few yards out of the station. But it did give some amazing photo opportunities. I just wished I’d remembered I’d taken my camera. 

All in all a very busy weekend with lots of people interested in the caravans. Plenty of questions, the most popular being “Do you sleep in it?” It’s amazing how tiring it can be talking to members of the public all weekend. Great fun all the same.