North Norfolk Railway Vintage Transport Day, 6th-7th July 2019

North Norfolk Vintage Transport Day Triumph Herald

We went to this a couple of years ago with the car and caravan but spent most of the show catching a train and walking around Sherringham. This year we thought we’d spend it at the car show. We managed, through a fellow classic caravan owning friend, to camp over on the Saturday night along side their caravan. This made it worthwhile setting up properly, getting the kitchen and our “new” toilet tent decked out with our recently refurbished Eltex bucket-and-chuck-it camping toilet. So yes, we were being proper show offs this year.

Eltex Camping toilet and Izal Medicated toilet paper.
Our refurbished Eltex camping toilet along with good ol’ Izal Medicated toilet paper.

It was a bit odd camping in a field as opposed to a proper campsite but with an invite to a fully sized retro caravan for a few drinks it certainly helped make it a weekend.
We were up bright and early on the Sunday not wanting to get caught in our nightwear as the classic cars arrived. It was a nice feeling sitting there having our tea and toast as a great selection of classic cars drove past and parked up.
There was a good selection of Triumphs on show and light blue with white stripe Heralds were in abundance (well two others). It was good to catch up with so many people that we knew now that we tend not to do so many local shows. We ended up being one of the last to leave the field, a great day and good show of cars.

Two other light blue with white strip heralds amongst the good selection of small chassis Triumphs.