RCC National Rally, Nuneaton, 29 August to 1st September 2019

Retro Caravan Club RCC National Rally 2019

A last minute decision to go to the RCC rally AGM. Glorious weather on the Thursday saw us driving nearly all the way with the roof down. Havinv to put it up 10 minutes before arriving when the rain came.

Being the third time we had been to the site, we managed to find it straight away, which is quite rare for us.

Like most of the rallies we have been on this year it was very windy.

Friday saw Paul driving off with Chris and Cam in their Rolls Royce to have a look at their barns of caravans and bits. They have both now got quite an amazing collection.

Friday night was cocktail night with cocktails from the 50’s to the 80’s. I have a feeling they were a tad more potent than the ones you would normally buy from cocktail bar. Some of us tried to get through whole selection of course…

On Saturday there was the table top sale and we came away with a few caravan sales brochures for our train of caravans (not sure what the collective is for a group of caravans?)

The evening was spent with one of Camerons light hearted and fun quizzes. Obviously we were out of the running for a prize but we didn’t come too near the bottom either.

Sunday morning was set aside for the AGM which we followed by an enormous roast dinner at the on-site cafe. Thinking the drive would be easier on the Sunday afternoon as opposed to the Monday morning we upped legs and set off for home.