Birthday weekend, North Norfolk, 13th to 17th April 2019

Herald and caravan North Norfolk

For the first time in what seems like ages we set off for a weekend on our own, no rally’s or car shows to attend, just a weekend of RnR on a cold and Windy North Norfolk coast. While we tried, it was a bit too cold to be sitting outside the caravan. But we did get plenty of walking in and a very nice birthday meal at Rocky Bottoms. With a stop off for a nights hotel stay and a spa treat on the way home.

Only problem over the weekend was synchro going on 2nd gear. Double de-clutching when not towing is one thing but with the caravan on the back it certainly makes the car work a bit harder. So the first day back after a nice restful weekend saw me removing the gearbox. Will it be back in in time for our trip to Isle of Wight in two weeks time?